About Us

ShareSquare® is an innovative app that makes exchanging contact information super-fast, fun, and easy. It allows you to create and customize an unlimited amount of profiles with contact information you select to your liking. Each profile has a unique QR code which stores the contact information you previously inputted and saved when creating the profile. Such information may include your name, phone number, social media profile, and much more.

Once you’re ready, you can share your profiles with just about anyone with a simple scan. Just tap on the profile you wish to share and allow them to scan the QR code that appears on your phone. Like so, you can also scan their QR code!

You no longer will need to dreadfully type in the person’s name, phone number, and email one painful letter and number at a time. Just one scan will allow you to instantly exchange all the contact information you wish to share.

For those who would like to establish communication with someone, but are just not too sure about giving up their personal information, your app comes with an Anonymous profile that allows you to communicate in the most discreet manner possible!

It’s time to throw those old methods away and get on the bandwagon with the best new way to stay in touch!


ShareSquare delivers you the ability to exchange your information with anyone with varying degrees of privacy that is completely customizable by you.

Features :

Create Profile

Create various types of profiles like Personal, Professional and Anonymous.

Share Profile

Share profile information with friends, family, colleagues and people you meet.

Add to contacts

Scan QR Code of others and add to your contacts.

Exchange information

Stay in touch with your favorites using the call, text, chat, or anonymous features.


Receive real-time/instant notifications on updates and activities.

Connect via Social Media

Log in and invite your friends to join with your favorite social media accounts.

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ShareSquare Headquarters
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Telephone: +1 (702) 998-1388
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